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Helicopters can land at Southern Ocean Lookout

Helicopter friendly accommodation

You won't find a huge H painted on the ground but Southern Ocean Lookout has ample space to park a fleet of helicopters very close to the house. The scenery in the area is spectacular from the ground, but from the sky it is simply unbelievable. The emerald green of the clear water over the pure white sand is stunning. Here you can make the most of your machine away from the crowds exploring deserted beaches, offshore islands, shallow bays or the mountains.


We understand that bringing your groceries in the chopper is a real pain. We can fill the fridge and pantry for you for a small fee.  Just email us a shopping list and we can have the champagne on ice or whatever you request on arrival.


A car may also be available for loan upon request.


Our coordinates are     34 31'26" S

                                      135 25' 03" E


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